Bear Pit

The 'Bear Pit' in Bristol's city centre has for some time been an area  that has attracted unwanted attention in the form of being an intimidating area to pass through. The Bear Pit Improvement Group with Bristol City Council have approached the regeneration of this no-go area in such a way that, rather than 'banning' people from loitering etc, they have adopted the forward thinking approach of making the area more inclusive.


Seeing that skaters were already bringing some balance to the area and therefore making the area more populated and safe, it was decided that a skateable piece would galvanise the space's use. CANVAS installed this perfect granite topped block, taking advantage of the area's great expanse of smooth floor...


Today, with thriving stalls, seating areas and THAT block as a centre-piece, the Bear Pit has transformed into an appealing destination for lunch, a friendly route for commuters and a great place to skate - ensuring the space's bright future.




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