The Bear Pit

A Space Odyssey with DIY Bristol

Transworld cover Campus pool. Skatepark construction

DC Shoes at the Campus Pool.

Crossfire cover the new Royal Victoria Park. Skatepark design

Pixels cover Bones UK at Campus Pool

Adidas at the Campus Pool



PIDJAM3! Sat15th July 2017

Peacehaven Skatepark, Lewes BN10 8RJ

Peacehaven's 3rd annual Jam is taking place this July and if previous years are to go by, it will amazing. There's always the most amount of prizes and giveaways we've seen at a local Jam. Expect plenty of fun comps, including the 3rd annual CANVAS Curb Comp, Bowl comp and many others, with the much-loved Dan Cates and the many locals that make it happen each year in formation, it will be a cracker.

Opening Jam! Sat 29th April 2017

King Edward Park, Nottingham

We have a real soft spot for this park - A perfect spot for a Jam like this! There's talk of themed comps with nods to various classics from Girl and plenty of top product to be had. This will be a great one! Skate Nottingham have organised this event with support from Notts City Council, FortyTwoShop, Girl, Lakai, Chocolate, Royal, Loud Headphones, Footprint and CANVAS. See ya there!

Ps. Loving the flyer from Skate Nottingham.

Edit of the moment

Campus Pool's latest Lock-in Session

Dan Wileman in the latest 'Last Man Standing' Lock-in Session from Campus Skatepark's Pool. Hitting everything in the park and showing some gap inventiveness.  Some NBD's there!  Perfectly captured as always by Dan Higginson & James Kenning.


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