Stockport Council & Friends of Marple Memorial Park

Marple Memorial Park

A space requiring aesthetics and forms unique to their surrounding whilst using the existing site to its advantage

Our design proposal used the existing forms of the site, including existing skatepark features, to add value to the proposed new skatepark: Adding to the entrance pathways in the form of kerbed banks; careful space planning of new forms to open up lines to and from the existing park; creating space between forms to give a large, open feel to the park.


Unique features that have multiple angles of use, such as the Poppy-Gap to Manual Pad/Ledge/Bank were developed closely with the steering group to ensure that the space is perfect to skate/ride whilst creatively acknowledging its surrounding and association with Marple Memorial Park.


Detailed additions, such as the Mogul/Jump box with a hip pulled out of its side or the Spine with its granite lip, add to the skatepark's value.


Working closely with the local steering group and client throughout the design development and construction phases is important to us at CANVAS and is evidenced in the completed product with recognisable collaboration.



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