Client: CALA Homes
Site: Hopefield Grange Development - Benson, Oxfordshire
Construction: Due 2020

CANVAS were selected to design, consult and construct a skatepark suitable for the local community. We are delighted to be able to consult and carry out continued design development on this great project - one which will compliment the many aspects of the development.

The design requires a varied amount of forms within a space that will not feel overcrowded, whilst maintaining boundary limits. To assure the brief, we have consulted with the local community and continue to do so. The design is required to offer variety rather than catering for a specific use (street/bowl etc). To meet this need, fundamental elements will be included: Mini-ramp; 'park elements', such as flat bank hips; more approachable, low-level 'street elements' such as free standing kerbs or kerb islands and unique features such as the bank-to-kerb.

The skatepark will be designed to blend into the landscape and will include a seating area. Additional features such as pool coping and tiling are being considered.
Please call back to this page for up to date information and project progress. Many thanks

Interactive model

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