Client: Prudhoe Town Council
Site: Highfield Park Skatepark 
Project stage: Design Development
Design Development Hub
Welcome to your project page. Here you will find up to date design information for comment. This page is used as a communication and information hub in between design workshops. 

Included below are interactive 3d models for each design iteration, which can be accessed from most computers and mobile phones.

This next phase is a chance to develop the fundamental concept design together. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to input any feedback between each issued design iteration. Your comments will be stored and taken into account throughout the design phase, only being held by the CANVAS project team and those involved with the project.

Many thanks, 

The CANVAS team
Existing Site
Design Iteration 04 - FINAL DESIGN
Based user group consultation up to August 2021

Interactive model

Initial Design
Based on tender brief

Interactive model

Design Iteration 02
Based user group consultation up to April 2021. This design requires further development as some areas are not quite working with each other. This has been uploaded to display the requested items as a whole plan. We look forward to your comments, input with the below form, which will be included within the next design iteration.  Many thanks

Interactive model

Design Iteration 03
Based user group consultation up to June 2021. Please comment using the form below. Thanks!
Thank you!