Client: Woodhead Construction & Nottingham City Council
Site: King Edward Park, Sneinton, St. Annes, Nottingham
Completion: 2016
A project backed by Nottingham City Council and community led,  King Edward Park we feel is a great example of what can be done with a little amount of concrete. With the surrounding facilities catering for transition-based use, this project took advantage of being able to produce a layout that doesn't require one to drop-in from a platform simply to approach a ledge.  The creation of standing space alongside carefully space-planned features gives this space its value.
This design approach has allowed for more space, more population and more comfort. The theory behind the square ring layout is to allow a long line to be taken, within a relatively small amount of concrete space, essentially creating an 80m long line! 
Working closely with Skate Nottingham, Forty Two Skateshop, Nottingham City Council, Woodhead and the Nottingham locals, the project has become an immediate success with discussions on future expansion and as a template of what can be achieved.
Ph. Tom Quigley
Bambi on form. Ph. Tom Quigley
Garcia. Ph. Tom Quigley
Matt Vardy Pop Shuvit over the bar. Garcia. Ph. Tom Quigley

Within a couple of days after completion this little edit surfaced. A project backed by Notts. City Council and community led – this edit we feel shows a perfect glimpse of the essence of this space with its ability to make a larger space out of a small amount of concrete with long lines and essentially not being ‘overcooked.’ Love it. Looking forward to seeing more from here! 

Filmed by Chris Lawton; Neil Tuner @two_shot_sequence. Edited: Chris Lawton. Skate Nottingham