Skateparks and Spaces - Construction
Our construction teams are professionally qualified builders, with many years of specialist concrete skatepark construction experience. Employed as Contractor or Principle Contractor, we will manage, monitor and coordinate the construction phase of your project.

Skatepark construction is classed as specialised concrete works. We employ: Concrete finishers; groundworkers; welders; carpenters and varied site personnel, all trained for the specific task required to complete your skatepark project. Working closely with our design team throughout, our skatepark construction team are able to carry out the construction phase efficiently and within a projected budget and programme.

Through our experience, we are able to offer details such as: Blended concrete forms; intricate shuttered shapes; pool coping and detailing; coloured concrete and a varied choice of materials, used for their individual benefits.

We employ and train site personnel to the required standard to ensure continuity and assurance for the projects that we are selected for.

Health and Safety is assured through our management system, allowing us to fulfil our duties as contractor for your project. With membership to varied Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), we are able to meet varied statutory bodies’ requirements.  Meeting the requirements of end user and client is achieved through our detailed project management program, where all interested parties are involved in the communication and approval of critical elements of the project. 
CANVAS’ success in construction comes from close partnership with the local community and an attention to assuring the objective of the varied interested parties.