Skateparks and Spaces - Consultation and Design
CANVAS' design team is made up of professionally qualified concrete skatepark designers with many years’ experience both in skatepark design and use. CANVAS’ design philosophy sees skatepark design as varied, bespoke, traditional and continually developing. 

With a broad design scope, concrete skatepark design can be carried out in close communication with the local community, where CANVAS assist in consultation – or, CANVAS can supply a bespoke design based on a given brief, ensuring that the end result will be well received and attracts interest for many years to come.

In conjunction with local steering groups, CANVAS has designed some of the best skateparks in the UK to date. Indoor skateparks, outdoor skateparks and isolated public-space features all form part of CANVAS’ expertise. Varied skatepark styles such as street-oriented, plaza or bowl parks are discussed at the initial stage, alongside the intended user group: BMX; skating and associated activities.

CANVAS does not work solely on skatepark facilities. Features designed to be used within public spaces, creating areas of interest for a varied end user are developed closely with enthusiastic groups that have a vision for specific space within their local community.

As Principle Designers, we will ensure that health and safety risks are removed or mitigated for the construction phase and beyond. All design works are subject to approval by varied statutory bodies, including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and form part of CANVAS’ regular reviews.

The design of a facility or space is very much a part of the community as it is the CANVAS design team.