Our design and build team collaborate on every project and are behind some of the most critically acclaimed skateparks in use today. Formed in 2013, CANVAS set out to provide services for our clients to realise their vision. We specialise in the consultation, design and construction of concrete skateparks and public spaces. What do we mean by public spaces?  This falls into two categories:
1. We see skateparks as a space, specifically for skating/riding. However, we also encourage the ethos that a public skatepark is a facility within a greater area and that facility requires thought beyond the skatepark itself, considering the surrounding area, network of other facilities and convenience for passive users.
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2. We are excited by being able to assist in turning an unused space into an area that attracts varied users via interesting, space-planed forms for use. These public spaces are not considered exclusively as a skatepark but designed to be inclusive for varied visitors and passers-by. 
We will ensure that the facility is appropriate for the intended users and proposed plot by following a carefully considered process that is used for every CANVAS project. An appointed Designer and Project Manager will form your first point of contact and see your project through to completion.
Quality is assured through following our management process. Each element of the project is scrutinised, such as: Conformance; Safety; ecological suitability; sustainability; meeting expectations and satisfying the varied interested parties. Client and end-user satisfaction are key and forms part of our regular review.
CANVAS has detailed experience with skatepark projects at varied stages of development. From requiring funding and planning prior to design development, through to funded large scale projects requiring consultation, design and construction.  With a dedicated design and construction team, we have been involved in varied skatepark projects and clients: Private; council and international bodies.